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Awakening Series

The aim of this series, where each artwork becomes alive as they are carved out of a complete piece, is starting from the whole, bringing life and vitality into existence, and making them a part of our own reality.

Although, the wearable statue seems heavy when you first take it into your hand, it fits to your finger, to every joint that contacts with it and even to your most sensitive bone perfectly. It locks with your soft touch. Hence, it becomes a part of you and you don’t feel its weight anymore. It never obstructs your movements.

Even though it has a complex structure, it urges to caress. Every time you fondle it, you keep rediscovering the pleasure of touching this smooth fluidity and pure beauty.

Breath Series

These rings carry the miraculous aesthetics of nature to your skin. Silver and gold are complemented with valuable stones that are situated on them with finesse. All the tiny golden leaves are crafted one by one and combined with each other. This is a handwork that takes a very long time to complete and must be done with elegance. It needs absolute effort and precision. Its every single tiny detail must be designed or adjusted to the owner’s body.

When the wearable statue is completed, the leaves that got together look like they are breathing. The charming and unaccustomed curves in its design guarantee it to be placed on your finger perfectly. When you lock it with a soft touch, the leaves embrace each other and the breath of nature becomes one with yours.

Another item in this series is the necklace, which can also be wrapped around your wrist or ankle. Due to its ability to bend, it matches with your bone structure every time.

Family Series

A ring that is designed to be your family’s statue. When Sümer touches the metal, all the people in your family start to appear on the ring one by one. Are you a family of two, or is it a crowded one with the elders and kids? The forms of all members of your family will take place on this wearable statue, and when you lock the ring with a soft touch, they will embrace each other.

Wherever your family members are, the ring will make you feel they are close by. If you like you can be the only one who owns this unique family statue, but if you want to share the beauty, you can ask Sümer, to craft one for each family member as an unforgettable and indispensable gift.

Oriental Series

Agile, flirtatious, feminine, vivacious like a flame… An absolutely womanly series that charms, takes inside and grab. Slightly naughty: likes to elude responsibilities occasionally and wants to be pampered all the time.

It generally comes to life out of bronze, but if you wish for it, silver is another preference. It reminds a graceful and teasing oriental dance; aesthetical body movements that transform into a new physical form. It grabs your finger perfectly.

Sovereignty Series

Each artwork in this series has complex and sophisticated designs worthy of the Sultans. In this multilayered construction, there is a hidden orderly pattern that cannot be easily seen. It may only start to whisper its secrets, when you spend enough time and examine its details carefully.

Wearable statues that belong to Sovereignty Series contain numerous parts that are nested within each other, but they are cast as a whole. Producing these artworks is risky as they require extremely delicate craftsmanship and need plenty of effort. Production of each piece takes months, and during this period if any of the risks occur, everything must start over. However, these rings deserve all these efforts and taking risks, as the result is a flawless beauty and magnificence! Each wearable statue creates a sovereignty in itself. The one who carries it on her/his skin feels that she/he is a part of the sovereignty.

Starstruck Series

This series resemble the flickering of the Cosmos. It becomes a whole by the unification of three different rings made of bronze, brass and silver, and melting within each other. Their forms are not completely deciphered or understood, just like the star maps that portray the shining stars in the sky. It keeps many secret inside to be solved and awakens your curiosity to start new discoveries. It carries a glitter inside as fluid, inherent and pure as the stars.


These wearable statues do not like to be a part of any group at all. They have untameable souls that do not want to be defined or classified by clichés. Examine and feel them… One of these rings may be carrying the very special emotion that you are continually searching for but weren’t able to find until now.