Product Description

Product Code: SV06R-S1

Each artwork in this series has complex and sophisticated designs worthy of the Sultans. In this multilayered construction, there is a hidden orderly pattern that cannot be easily seen. It may only start to whisper its secrets, when you spend enough time and examine its details carefully.

Wearable statues that belong to Sovereignty Series contain numerous parts that are nested within each other, but they are cast as a whole. Producing these artworks is risky as they require extremely delicate craftsmanship and need plenty of effort. Production of each piece takes months, and during this period if any of the risks occur, everything must start over. However, these rings deserve all these efforts and taking risks, as the result is a flawless beauty and magnificence! Each wearable statue creates a sovereignty in itself. The one who carries it on her/his skin feels that she/he is a part of the sovereignty.