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The jewelries that are carried on the most personal and delicate parts of the body, where only the closest people from the inner circle can touch, must also be extremely exclusive, totally harmonious, flawless and aesthetically charming in every way. These little objects must exceed their own identities to become statues and works of art that are completely in harmony with the wearer’s body and soul.

They must reflect the soul and individuality of its owner with splendor. They must provide self confidence to their possessor by integrating with her/his character in a precisely harmonious way in every musical note. Furthermore, they must become a symphony to plant sparks in the observers’ hearts just in the exact way the owner aims for.

I design these wearable sculptures in jewellery form, and introduce them to some very special people’s lives.

Elçin Sümer

Traits of Sumerian


Sumerian pursues the philosophy: “Artwork that integrates with the body.” For this reason, every artwork produced at Sumerian is specific to only one person…

This is because the founder of Sumerian, Elçin Sümer believes that the power that transforms an ordinary object into an artwork, the magic touch is the emotion that is embedded into it… And every emotion and sensation in this world, belongs only to its owner…

Maybe just because of this, Elçin’s emotions for the world and life reflect on her works. Her artworks integrate with people thus become organic and alive. The harmony of the artwork and its owner becomes the portrayal of natural perfection.

Consequently, both the wearable sculpture and its wearer finds completeness in their emotional structures and become a whole. And the real value emerges then and there.

By creating this unique experience, Sümer aims to generate awareness in the owner and help her/him to find the emotions that she/he is searching for. This dream becomes real through the wearable statue, and Sümer provides the chance for the wearer to carry her/his inner world on her/himself. In other words, the person who carries the wearable statue finds and embraces the emotions and identity that she/he is continuously searching for or believes missing in her/himself.


As every person is unique and has distinctive characteristics, every piece of jewelry must also be one of a kind and unprecedented. Each wearable statue is designed to be perfectly and completely in harmony with the anatomical structure, intellectual background and personality qualities (both that can be easily seen at first glance and the ones hidden deep inside) of the person who is going to wear it. When the owner and the wearable statue matches with each other in physical, intellectual and spiritual layers, they combine with each other flawlessly, and by completing each other, they both reach to a higher level together.

If a piece of jewelry that I designed particularly for a person is enlarged to become a huge statue and exhibited in an art gallery, when the person who inspired the creation comes close by, the observers will immediately feel the special connection and harmony between them.

Elçin Sümer


The most suitable piece of jewelry for a person is the one that is correct for her/him in every dimension, and complements her/him perfectly. In each design, Sümer aims to enhance the wearable statue with this identity and emotion by creating the perfect balance in the materials, shades, lights, colors, textures, patterns and feelings, in accordance with the owner’s personality.

Elçin’s emotions about the world and life that flows through her is also reflected in her works. The wearable statue combines with its owner and becomes organic, finds a life of its own. When the wearer and the artwork is a perfect match, both of them gets closer to the natural perfection. As they reach completeness in their emotional structures. They become a whole and discover their real, higher value.

Sümer aims to create awareness in the people who are going to carry the wearable statues. She assists them to find and discover the emotions they are searching for. By giving the chance to the wearers to carry these emotions as close as possible (on their bodies) as a wearable statue, Sümer helps them to reach out and embrace the identity and feelings, which they believe missing in themselves.





Common Features

All the wearable statues that carry the Sumerian signature have some similar characteristics, which increase their value significantly:

Perfect Match

If you choose a wearable statue from already existing ones it will be restructured to suit you and your body perfectly. If it is not possible to transform it to be a perfect match or if you want a new item to be prepared specifically for you, the new wearable statue will be designed and crafted definitely in accordance with your anatomical characteristics and in perfect harmony with your intellectual and spiritual qualities.

Lifetime Support

We definitely know that as soon as you meet with the wearable statue that is prepared specifically for you, you will never want to get apart with it. Nevertheless, time can wear out anything. But do not get worried… Even if you have bought your wearable sculpture decades ago, you will never be alone in any kind of problems you may experience about it. Sumerian is ready to support you for a lifetime. When it comes to our wearable statues, we are always nearby you whenever you need, and ready to provide support.

Unique Collectors Box

Your wearable statue comes together with a special box that contains many valuable accessories and memories.

Contents of the Collector's Box

  • Your wearable statue that is designed and crafted specifically for you.
  • A special maintenance kit for your wearable statue to keep its form in the best shape.
  • The Identity Card of your wearable statue. This card is like a captain’s logbook. The important stages during the creation of your statue are recorded with their dates on this card. It is handwritten by the artist herself and also carries her signature.
  • Casting molds that are used in the production. There are no similar ones or copies. As soon as you get those, the artist cannot make another replica of your wearable statue. However, the person who owns those can produce more of it.*
  • Some notes handwritten by Elçin Sümer about the interaction of the artist and the buyer during the design and crafting stages.**
  • The casting mold of the buyer’s hand, which is produced to guarantee the perfect matching of the wearable statue and the owner’s hand.**

*Only with the products with an applicable production process.
**Only with the products directly ordered by the buyer to be newly designed and produced.



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Nilsen Arıbaş
Project Coordinator

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Noyan Babataşı

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The combination of nature and joy…

Roksen Lülü

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Tuğçe Yüzbaşıoğlu

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Burhan Yücel
Dancer / Writer

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Aret Vartanyan

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A state of mind…

Leyla Ekemen

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Baha Şıkman

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Süreyya Arıoba

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The emotions and feelings in jewellery form…

Eda Mutuşoğlu
Social Media Manager

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The exclusive artworks that can be a part of my body…

Sera Öztürk
Project Manager

The collection and collector photos are courtesy of Burak Bakırcı