Product Description

Product Code: B05R-S0

These rings carry the miraculous aesthetics of nature to your skin. Silver and gold are complemented with valuable stones that are situated on them with finesse. All the tiny golden leaves are crafted one by one and combined with each other. This is a handwork that takes a very long time to complete and must be done with elegance. It needs absolute effort and precision. Its every single tiny detail must be designed or adjusted to the owner’s body.

When the wearable statue is completed, the leaves that got together look like they are breathing. The charming and unaccustomed curves in its design guarantee it to be placed on your finger perfectly. When you lock it with a soft touch, the leaves embrace each other and the breath of nature becomes one with yours.

Another item in this series is the necklace, which can also be wrapped around your wrist or ankle. Due to its ability to bend, it matches with your bone structure every time.